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This 14 days blogging challenge will:


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Introducing the Affiliate Sales Surge Challenge

Understanding why your affiliate efforts don’t pay off has never been easier!

Join the live challenge and accelerate your affiliate sales with my insider trade secrets! Learn from someone who has generated over $80,000 in affiliate revenue and find out how to get your affiliate earnings to the next level starting with the audience & traffic you already have, and content you’ve already created! 

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What's included with your affiliate training:

The challenge consists of 1-2 hours of work per day, for 14 days, at the end of which you should have at least 20-30 blog posts optimized for affiliate earnings and advanced knowledge on how to do so. 

My system (the one I used to go from $6,000 to $23,000+ of annual affiliate revenue) has 4 phases: 

  • Phase 1: Reviewing your affiliate earnings, clicks and conversions so far
  • Phase 2: Finding new and better converting affiliate opportunities for your niche
  • Phase 3: Revamping existing content and optimizing it for growth (cha-ching! 💸)
  • Phase 4: Creating new highly-converting content for your top affiliate programs

Not only do I walk you through all of these steps, providing video training and live examples, but I also include:

Bonuses, trackers & trainings included:

A Challenge Timeline Tracker To Follow 📅

A daily to-do list of things you need to focus on, get done each day and mark your progress.

Affiliate Links & Logins Spreadsheet Tracker 📝

A handy tracker to store all your affiliate program logins, vital info and affiliate links for quick grabbing.

Affiliate Conversions Calculator & Tracker 👩‍🔬

An automated way to determine monthly and annual conversions for your active affiliate programs.

Insider Affiliate Marketing Tips (For Advanced Bloggers) 💸

In-depth video lessons with live examples and actionable takeaways for each phase of the challenge.

Enroll in the challenge - $55

Upgrade to the full bundle - $99

Challenge Reviews

Ana's affiliate approach makes so much sense! She explains advances strategies so well. I learned a lot during the 14 day and I'm off to improving my blog now.
Vegan Food Blogger
I'm not very analytical, but this challenge helped me look at my affiliate stats and actually UNDERSTAND what I was doing wrong on my blog. Super helpful!
Personal Growth Blogger
I was making over $500 in affiliate sales per month, but I felt like I was leaving money on the table. Implemented a few changes and made $700 this month!
Finance & Budgeting Blogger

What if affiliate marketing isn't right for you?

Tried it all, but can’t get your affiliate income up? Here’s why:

You’ve joined popular affiliate programs, added links and banners on your blog and you make a couple of sales here an there. But nothing like the bloggers earning $3,000+ per month in affiliate commission.

So where are you going wrong? And what’s it going to take to change that?

In this challenge I will help you analyze your current strategies and teach you tricks and tips that I teach my 1-on-1 clients that helped them increase affiliate income by 30% with no additional content created.

So no matter what your niche is, you can learn to asses, adapt and overcome your affiliate plateau!

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Still have questions?

Most frequent asked questions and answers

This challenge is for:

  • Bloggers and content creators who have some affiliate experience, but got stuck on generating under $200-500 in affiliate income per month.
  • Anyone who wants advanced affiliate strategies to help them boost their income passively and consistently.

This challenge is NOT for:

  • Brand new bloggers who haven’t made their first $100 in affiliate sales yet. Check out my Affiliate Beginner Bundle instead.
  • Affiliate marketers that don’t create any blog content

This is a self-paced challenge that you can start or complete at any time!

As soon as your payment is received, you will receive and email with immediate access to the first phase of the challenge. By day nine, you will have access to trainings for the whole challenge.

You can join the next class of students live RIGHT NOW – starting with April, or get gradual access to each phase on any other 14 consecutive days.

You get lifetime access to the challenge in your student account, so you can refer back to it and the trainings included anytime you want.

You will also get any future updates, resources or bonuses included for free.

Yes! Enrollment in the next class – which ends in May 2024 – means you get it for only one payment of $55 instead of $95. 

So make sure to secure your spot now if you want to save $40. (You can store, start or use the challenge anytime you’re ready once you’re enrolled!)

No. Instead , you’ll receive prompts and reminders for each of the 4 phases (4 emails in total), to help you keep you on track. But you won’t be spammed with daily emails.

Instead, you can track your progress and stay accountable using the tracker provided.

Yes! The challenge is designed to work and be adapted to bloggers of any niche. And it’s based on my experience building 2 blogs and working with over 40 bloggers (all in different niches) to help them increase affiliate income.

If you publish content online, this challenge will work for you! 

Because of the digital nature of this challenge, the fee is not refundable.

Yes, of course! You can join my affiliate program here and earn 35% of each sale you make, for this course or any other product from my digital shop.

The challenge takes you through how to use your content and existing blogging platform to improve your conversions and make more sales.

But it also suggests a few tools – such as Lasso and Jasper AI – that can help accelerate that process. These are only optional, and free alternatives will be given.


Hi there! I’m Ana, the blogger behind The She Approach and a growth strategist & coach passionate about helping bloggers increase their traffic and income. 

But first and foremost – I’m a blogger. I enjoy sharing awesome tools and products that I love with my audience + I’ve generated over $80,000 in commissions doing so. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do the same, starting with content and traffic that you already have, and having the knowledge to build on that after?

>> Join me & find out how to increase your affiliate sales & conversions.

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