I was looking through my blog posts the other day and as I scrolled down and try to organize them better into categories, I realized that for a website that’s supposed to be all about empowerment, I have no articles up on this subject.

So I thought this would be a perfect time to kick off this category and talk a bit about how you can actually empower the people around you.

Why empower your best friend?

While most points of this article could be applied for any person in your life, I will center my tips around how to empower your best friend.


Because first of all you are supposed to. You have to play your part in this friendship and it can’t always be about just having fun together (although that in itself can be empowering) and you can’t be doing all of the receiving. Sometimes you have to give something back.

And mostly because you like them. Empowering a person you like or love is so much easier and you would be surprised of how easy it is to do it, but how rarely we do it still.



30 actions that lead to empowerement

I’ve given this post a lot of thought and while initially I planned out to do a 5 bullet point posts including the best way to empower your best friend and a lengthy explanation for each, I realized that not everyone is the same.

And what might work for a person, maybe won’t do as well for another one.

So here is a list of 30 ways to empower your best friend. It’s up to you and how much you know about your BFF to decide what it’s most likely to work:

  1. Be honest.
  2. Be compassionate.
  3. Encourage. But mean it!
  4. Be a good listener.
  5. Give truthful compliments.
  6. Support them through failures.
  7. Buy them a pizza.
  8. Point out their natural talents.
  9. Challenge them.
  10. Encourage them to be creative.
  11. Keep them accountable for things they said they will do.
  12. Give them a thoughtful gift.
  13. Tell them how you feel about them.
  14. Listen first.
  15. Encourage action.
  16. Give unselfish advice.
  17. Inspire them to learn.
  18. Demand that they stand up for themselves.
  19. Show them what they are worth.
  20. Give constructive criticism.
  21. Make time for them.
  22. Show them that you care.
  23. Focus on their strengths.
  24. Remind them of their value.
  25. Help them realize their true potential.
  26. Celebrate their wins, even when they don’t.
  27. Lend a helping hand.
  28. Just be there.
  29. Help them get rid of any negativity.
  30. Seriously, just order a pizza.


The question at hand can evoke tons of different answers that would fit different situations and different people.

Speaking broadly it is a matter of removing the factors that disempower people in the first place, inspiring them to want something more from a situation rather than settling and encouraging them to take action.

Most of the tips listed above are things you probably already do for your closest friends. Being intentional about some of them can have a huge impact in someone’s life.

Now imagine if you could only empower people you barely know by following the same techniques …

You could change the world!


What are some of the things your friends or family do to empower you? Leave a comment below! I would love to know!


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