Managing vacation rentals can prove to be quite challenging when you consider all the paperwork, administrative work and accounting that needs to be done to ensure customer satisfaction. Having a more streamlined and efficient management system can make the renting experience more pleasurable for both you and your guests.

There are several apps available that can facilitate the management of these properties. Here are a few apps and software that will make managing your vacation rental much easier. 

Vacation Rental Property Management Software

The first and arguably one of the most important applications you will need is a vacation rental property management software. Property managers and owners have used this software to create more robust property management and accounting systems. This user-friendly and fully integrated software allows you to directly manage bookings and reservations.

Once you upload details and pictures about the rental property to the software, you can instantly have your property’s information showcased across several popular online rental property platforms such as Airbnb and for increased visibility. Ultimately, this gives you access to a more robust clientele and thus raises your possibilities of increased revenue. 

Additionally, with these apps, you can easily receive payments and track all accounting information related to the property. The app’s integration with numerous payment services and platforms allows for seamless remittal of payments, automatic receipt generation and management of cancellations and refunds. The application is also quite valuable to prospective clients as it offers them instant rates and quotes for the property in various currencies. 

These types of apps also allow you to communicate with your guests. Embedded into the apps are messaging tools that allow you to easily liaise with your guest to relay further details about the property. Guests may also use this channel to confer their concerns and ask questions about the property.  

1. Airbnb Channel Manager

If you manage your rental property through hosting sites like Airbnb, then you will require an Airbnb channel manager. Channel managing software like this facilitates the listing, booking and reservation of vacation rental properties with Airbnb. This service allows for easy automation of routine property management tasks such as guest turnovers and cleaning services.

Most interestingly, these applications have multi-calendar view features which allow you to view property reservations across the multiple platforms that host the rental property. This is particularly advantageous to managers as it prevents the error of double booking the property.

This software fully automates other vital management tasks such as sending out property directions and house rules to guests. This ultimately elevates the guests’ experience at the rental properties and incentivises them to return. 

2. TurnoverBnB

TurnoverBnB is a popular online service where property owners are paired with local cleaners and cleaning services for their rentals. The application ingeniously schedules cleaning services automatically after guests leave the property to ensure the space is ready for the next guest to arrive. Furthermore, the application automates payments between the hosts and the cleaning service making the business even more time efficient. 

The development of these vacation rental management apps has made the business of renting vacation property easier and cost-effective. Employ these applications in your business to reap the rewards and increase revenue. 

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3. Trello

Trello is a useful project management software for vacation rental homeowners. With this tool, you can work with your team members by delegating tasks, tracking what they are up to, and communicating with them. 

Trello also allows vacation rental homeowners to monitor the check-in and check-out times of clients,  thus making it easy to update your listings. 

4. Vrbo

Vrbo, also known as Vacation Rental by Owner, is a free management tool that lets you
list your property, manage payments, monitor reservations, and receive notifications
directly to your phone.

Currently owned by Expedia Group, Vrbo allows property owners to manage their businesses more efficiently. It is free and includes features such as professional services designed to assist vacation homeowners in addition to features that provide a portal for property listings, manage payment and finances, communicate with clients, receive notifications directly to their phones, access data, and manage reservations. 

5. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is an online accounting software that helps vacation rental owners manage and improve their cash flow. You can use it to send out an invoice and monitor when you receive payments. It helps get visuals into your cash flows by categorizing them into income and expenses.

Additionally, you can see where your money is coming from and where it’s going from one dashboard. 

Conclusion: Best Holiday Rental Management Software

Vacation rental management software has come a long way in recent years. These tools have made it easier than ever for property owners to list their rentals, manage bookings, and communicate with guests. With the help of these applications, vacation rental businesses can run more efficiently and generate more revenue.

Overall, these vacation rental management apps have made the business of renting vacation property easier and cost-effective. Employ these applications in your business to reap the rewards and increase revenue.

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