Do you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to bring in new readers but your blog is just STUCK? Are your page views disappointing no matter how much time you spend promoting your blog posts?

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Traffic Ebook Bonuses - Grow your blog traffic ebook - The She Approach

Tereza from Cityscape Bliss says:

Despite this being the most in-depth eBook on blogging I’ve read so far – absolutely overflowing with factual information, tips & tricks and experience – it’s written in a very simple from-one-friend-to-another language which doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed and swamped. Boosting Your Blog Traffic is an incredibly thorough & detailed guide which will allow you to speed up your blog growth like nothing else! On top of all this in-depth knowledge you’re also getting a heap of extra bonuses! 

krista from krista aoki says:

Ana wrote a phenomenal, easy-to-read guide for both newer and more seasoned bloggers to boost their blog traffic numbers. Plus it really feels like she’s sittin’ with ya enjoying some coffee and just dishing the 411 on traffic tips. This book was written so well, and packed with so much information that I started implementing the tips the second I finished it! I seriously felt so impressed with the all advice and I definitely recommend purchasing it!

BRIANNA from Reese & Harper says:

Ana’s ebook was everything I needed to motivate me and push me in the right direction when it came to boosting my blog traffic. It’s overflowing with information – so much so that I ended up with an 11 page Word Doc of valuable notes – but not once did I feel overwhelmed by what I was reading. Ana provides her readers with insights on the exact strategies she used to explode her blog traffic and presents them in such a knowledgeable yet simple way that I had no problem following along with her. And, as if it couldn’t get better than that, it’s super affordable and even offers you some free goodies to go along with it. 

discouraged by your numbers and disappointed in your growth?

Are you seeing other bloggers out there getting thousands and thousands of page views a month while you’re struggling to keep your numbers afloat and see any type of growth?

Are you getting discouraged and overwhelmed by trying to promote your blog on all social media platforms and writing great content in the same time, but not seeing the results you’re hoping for?

Does it feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing is working for you? I’ve been there!

My blog traffic journey

I still remember the day I launched my blog. The excitement. The terrifying thought that no one will read it. The determination to make it work and not let it be all about the numbers. But, by being the analytic geek that I am, I wanted to keep an eye on what was working and what wasn’t.

At the end of my first month blogging, I checked my stats and I was thrilled: over 1000 page views!

For me, the fact that 400 people came over to read my 5 blog posts was amazing! I don’t think I even know 400 people in total, so I was beyond excited! That was until I started reading other bloggers’ traffic reports and found out that there were people out there getting 10k, 20k or even 50k, and all in their first months of blogging. (Not to mention the super bloggers that were reaching the 100k mark in their first year!)

I started to wonder where I was going wrong…

I decided to give myself some time to figure things out, but as months went on, I was getting more and more discouraged. In fact, it took me 6 entire months to reach 10,000 page views (in total).

But I refused to give up! So I started experimenting with different strategies, trying out every trick in the book and finding ways to promote my blog on autopilot so I have more time to create content.

Until one day I woke up to these numbers and I knew that I finally cracked the code:

My promise to you...

My blog traffic journey is no miracle. It tooks months to be able to double and then triple my numbers until the point where I was getting the same amount of traffic monthly as I did in my first 6 months combined. 

And that’s because no one teaches you what to do when you’re just starting out. So I had to experiment, fail, try again, get better, tweak my strategies, try some more and finally succeed.

There’s no secret overnight success or guarantee that you’ll reach 300k pageviews tomorrow. So my promise to you is this: my ebook will teach you exactly what you need to do to grow a real & loyal following and it will arm you with the tips, tricks and resources you need to boost your blog traffic starting today.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that all your hard work is appreciated and that you’re making a real difference in people’s lives through your content? And wouldn’t it be just peachy to wake up, check your statistics and see that you’ve finally reached your monthly traffic goals?

What if you could...

Imagine growing your brand new blog, gaining loyal readers and turning your blog into a profitable business. Because having good blog traffic can do that! 

Imagine not having to worry about your pageviews or blog traffic, because you implemented strategies that bring you readers even when you’re not working on your blog. (Trust me, it’s possible!)

And now, imagine being confident enough in your blogging strategy that you spend your time wisely, promote your blog posts strategically and finally see the results you want from your blog.

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As a new blogger, it’s essential that you get the basics right before going any further. If you need more detail and exact strategies on using Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin or StumbleUpon to increase traffic to your new blog, I would highly recommend reading this! I wish I had had this level of information and guidance from the very start. It would have made such a difference and saved me a whole load of time (and quite a few tears and tantrums)!

Sarah From Parenting, Pastimes, Prosecco says:

I have purchased and just finished reading this awesome ebook. Since then, I have implemented almost all of the strategies and started seeing results already. Definitely recommend this book to new bloggers. I also love your pages of useful links and resources at the end of the book. A valuable guide to look back on and refer to in the future. Worth every single penny! Thank you, Ana.

Hena From Mending With Gold says:

As a new blogger, it’s essential that you get the basics right before going any further. If you need more detail and exact strategies on using Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin or StumbleUpon to increase traffic to your new blog, I would highly recommend reading this! I wish I had had this level of information and guidance from the very start. It would have made such a difference and saved me a whole load of time (and quite a few tears and tantrums)!

I love the e-book. It was just what I expected and more! It’s packed full of information yet it’s not overwhelming. I cannot wait to had a read through the last chapters and apply your incredibly effective tips. My current blog is all over the place and lacks focus. But this ebook has given me clarity about what exactly I need to do next. Your advice to create a reader avatar, for example, is just what I needed!


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Case Study:

A few months ago, Haylie from The Morning Buzz got a copy of my this eBook and a copy of my Pinterest eBook, and wrote me this email after implementing my strategies:

First of all, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the wonderful tips and resources you’ve given me. I’ve learned so much from you and continue to.

With your strategies, my blog views and Pinterest traffic has more than quadrupled. My blog traffic was at 64 pageviews/day last month to now over 500! And my Pinterest views went from under 100,000 to now at 300,000 and growing by 100k each week.

Hi there! I'm Ana...

I’m the blogger behind The She Approach and growth strategist & consultant passionate about helping bloggers increase their traffic and income. 

Why should you listen to what I have to say?

At the end of 2016 I was struggling to get my blog off the ground. I tried every platform and trick in the book and I found out there is no overnight success strategy. Instead, I learned how to build a solid foundation and how to grow an authentic audience for my blog that reached 60k pageviews in the first year.

Now I help other bloggers grow their income with my free content, 1-on-1 coaching sessions and with my paid trainings.

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