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Oh, hi there! I’m Ana. 

I am the creator behind The She Approach + a blogging growth strategist & consultant.

Started as a lifestyle blogger, I quickly developed a passion for figuring out how to make blogging work and I’ve use this as a platform to share my blogging tips, mistakes (had a lot of those) and digital strategies.

Now I help creative bloggers get started, grow their traffic & readership and make money blogging with my free content, paid products or 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

My hope is to encourage and empower women to grow their own digital empires. I am also a proud puppy owner, bad dancer and professional binge watcher.

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Amy from Amy Young Coaching says:

“As a first time affiliate for a friend’s e-course, I had no idea what to do in terms of promotion and sales. Enter Ana, growth and sales strategist extraordinaire! She was able to give me specific, tested tips and simple strategies for maximizing sales and delivering massive value in the process. She also saved me a ton of time having to research what’s A-okay and not-so-okay in the world of affiliate marketing. Because of our work together, my first experience being an affiliate partner was easy, fun, and yes–profitable! She’s brilliant; WORK WITH HER.”

Sarah from Mami Skilts says:

“Ana, you are one of my biggest blogging mentors and someone to whom I truly owe my success to. I would never have made it into the blogging world without you and now I even have my very own business. I never dreamed that I would be legitimately working from home. You post on how to start a blog post is how I learned the ropes and you recent affiliate posts has given me the courage to sign up with Awin and reach out to companies in my niche. This again comes from the amazing content, mentoring and support you offer. Thank you!”