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What Pinterest made possible for others:

Katie is a crocheting expert that gets over 25k sessions to her blog each month, and most of them are from Pinterest. In fact, on the first week of pinning, she made her first sale of a digital product (a crochet pattern) and soon after Pinterest allowed her to start working with yarn companies for sponsored posts and earn ad income, which means she can support her family. (Her case study is included in the eBook!)

Anastasia is a former digital marketing expert turn blogger who uses Pinterest to generate over 172,000 pageviews monthly for her website.  Thanks to Pinterest, her blog makes about $2,000 per month just from ads (passive income!), not no mention that she gets tens of students enrolling in her courses each month. Find out exactly how she does it from her case study (chapter 10 of the eBook).

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What bloggers have said about the ebook:

“If you’re new to Pinterest, or if you’re like me, who’s tried so many different strategies yet nothing’s working, I highly recommend this ebook. To my surprise, Making Pinterest Possible is packed, and I mean JAM PACKED, with a lot of valuable information. Even for someone like me who has been using Pinterest for a while got valuable lessons out of it!

After reading Ana’s ebook and implementing her strategies from mid-May onwards, my traffic picked up. My page views from June to July increased by almost 150% whereas my sessions increased by 158%!

This ebook also helped me get accepted to Mediavine and increased my ad revenue by over 300% to the point where I’m earning between $40 to $70 per day from ads alone! Overall, Ana does make Pinterest VERY possible! I highly recommend her book if you are new to Pinterest and/or not seeing any results in your Pinterest traffic.”

– Ling from Fin Savvy Panda

This eBook is perfect for beginners and intermediate Pinterest users. A must read for anyone looking to enhance their Pinterest game. Ana backs up every step with proof, screenshots and instructions, which makes it quick to follow through and understand.

Ana’s book doubles up as a guide and a positive re-inforcement for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who struggle with Pinterest.  With plenty of examples and actionable instructions after each chapter, implementation becomes easy. As a person who’s already familiar with Pinterest, I still found quite a few handy tips that I was not aware of.

The Case Studies proved to be extremely useful because it includes women of different business backgrounds with the same goal – to increase their Pinterest reach! And that’s exactly what I did by following Ana’s strategies.”

– Angela from Stray Curls


“This is the most thorough eBook about Pinterest I have ever read, and I love the fact that Ana sends an updated version of it (for free) every time Pinterest changes something.

I was stuck at 15,000 views for months, and with the suggestions in this eBook, I finally grew to 49,000 monthly views! 

This is my highest number of viewers in the 2 years I have been blogging, and this was only pinning manually based on the strategies thought by Ana! This eBook is NOT just for beginners, but for anyone who wants to increase Pinterest traffic significantly.” 

Christina from The Blog for Teachers, Readers & Life

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Imagine growing your brand new blog, gaining loyal readers and turning your blog into a business. Because Pinterest can make that possible! 

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Case Studies

To show you that my strategy works not only for me, but for my students as well, I’m sharing an email I received from Andrea, the creator of Hustle & Hearts:

I’ve really been working on my blog traffic lately (it’s one of my top blog goals for 2019), and with the help of your ebook (Making Pinterest Possible), I’m finally starting to see results from Pinterest!

In fact, I’m currently receiving 1.7 MILLION Pinterest viewers every month, which is insane to me as someone who could barely get her account above 100k. 

Anyway, I just want to end by thanking you for creating such a valuable resource. It’s made such a difference, not only in my Pinterest success, but also my blog, so THANK YOU!”

You can read Andrea’s full Pinterest case study here to find out how she did it, and what role my eBook had in growing her Pinterest account.

But this is her advice to you: “If you’re anything like me and you’re not seeing results from generic Pinterest tips, I really think you’re going to have some game-changing revelations once you dive into this book.

My Pinterest journey:

As a new blogger, I wanted to be on every single social media platform, afraid that I was missing out on traffic or readers if wasn’t active everywhere all the time. 

After a few months of spreading myself too thin, I understood that I need to master one platform at a time, before moving on to the next. Once I slowly started experimenting with Pinterest, this happened:

Grow Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

A few months into finally figuring out how to promote my blog post on Pinterest, I broke 10k pageviews a month (with a relatively brand new blog), and I’ve been growing ever since. 

In fact, since I’ve started my blog, Pinterest made up for 76% of my overall traffic. Besides the obvious benefits of growing my blog and brand, Pinterest helped me make over $6,500 in affiliate sales (in my first year of blogging alone!) and sell over $11,512 worth of digital products in 2018 (an earning record that I broke in the first 5 months of 2019 already). And because I automate my Pinterest efforts and pinning, all of this happened mostly on autopilot.

I’ve since passed the 40,000 followers mark on Pinterest (as you can see, I had barely reached 11k when I first launched this eBook) and grew my reach to over half a million. Once that happened, I started documenting the process and I’ve written it all down in my eBook, breaking in down into actionable steps.

But beware! This is not your typical Pinterest ebook. The strategies and tactics included go well beyond getting started. If you’ve seen good results with your Pinterest account, but you know that there’s so much more possible for you, grab your copy today and get access to my advanced strategies!

table of contents

  • An introduction to Pinterest
  • Why you need a business Pinterest account
  • How Pinterest really works (and how content creators need to use it)
  • How to claim your website
  • How to enable rich pins (the fast way)
  • How to set up your profile
  • What type of boards exist (and which ones you need to use)
  • Creating your boards
  • Arranging your boards on your profile
  • Setting up your boards for success and optimizing them for SEO
  • Understanding why you shouldn’t bother with board sections
  • Understanding why group boards are my secret weapon on Pinterest
  • How to recognize a group board
  • How to find and join relevant group boards in your niche
  • How to manage your group boards (and best practices for contributors)
  • How to audit your boards and see which ones perform the best (and which ones you should leave)
  • Do group boards still matter in 2023? How to use them wisely according to Pinterest.
  • How to create your own Pinterest graphics (for free and without any design experience)
  • Where to buy done-for-you Pinterest templates (to save time)
  • The elements of a good pin & what’s missing from your graphics
  • How to brand your pins
  • How to turn graphics into pins
  • The right way to post your content on Pinterest
  • Best practices for including your pin graphics in your blog post (and how to get your readers to share them)
  • How to optimize your pins descriptions for SEO 
  • How to write powerful pin descriptions 
  • Best practices for using hashtags on Pinterest
  • How much to pin, where and why
  • How much of your own content should you share?
  • How to create a pinning schedule
  • The correct your pins vs other people’s pins ratio
  • What kind of pins are the best? Fresh pins explained
  • Best practices for manual pinning
  • Why Tailwind is the best Pinterest scheduler
  • How to use Tailwind to schedule your pins and automate your activity
  • How to create a smart pinning schedule within Tailwind
  • Why Tailwind Tribes are better and group boards and how to join them
  • How to read, interpret and understand your Tailwind analytics for your Pinterest profile
  • How to read your Pinterest analytics (and the only 2 things you should pay attention to)
  • How to set up Google Analytics for your blog
  • How to track your Pinterest traffic (down to every pin that sends you traffic)
  • How to read your Pinterest analytics 
  • How to track progress and figure out if your strategy is working
  • Understanding why Pinterest followers matter
  • My 10 tactics that helped me grow my account to over 40k followers 
  • Interviews with 16+ bloggers (in different niches) that mastered Pinterest and how they did it
  • Why You Shouldn’t Count On Pinterest Alone (ToGenerate Traffic & Income As A Blogger)

  • Pinterest Graphics Template Pack: 15 stunning Canva templates you can use to make your own pins in seconds (worth $25)
  • Free Video Training: How To Create Stunning Pinterest Graphics And Templates (For Free) In Canva
  • Free Video Training: How To Find, Report, Take Down & Prevent Stolen Pins on Pinterest
  • Free Masterclass: How to keep track of your templates + blog post and create a manual content calendar via a simple spreadsheet
  • An invitation to my exclusive Tailwind Tribe
  • A $30 voucher with Tailwind for new users (can be used on 2 free months or on Tailwind Tribes) 

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“This is the first time I’m writing a review on something I bought to help me grow my blog. I guess my moto is: If you don’t have something nice to say, to say anything at all. And that has been the case until I came across your work…

Not only did I find your Making Pinterest Possible e-book helpful, but I’m looking forward to every email I receive from you, because every single one is valuable.

At the beginning of March I purchased Tailwind and soon after that your e-book. Since then (in just one month) my Pinterest monthly viewers and my blog traffic tripled.

Even though I knew Pinterest is a great engine for growing blog traffic, it gave me a whole new perspective to the ways I can use it. Everything was described step by step, which is exactly what I needed.” – Irena from One Point Of View

meet the author

Hi there! I’m Ana, the blogger behind The She Approach and a growth strategist & coach passionate about helping bloggers increase their traffic and income. 

Why should you listen to what I have to say?

I’ve grown my Pinterest account to over 36k followers and I have the blog traffic to show for it too. Once I’ve discovered the power of Pinterest, I became obsessed with the strategy that it takes to get your content in from on people (who are already searching for it!) and I wanted to share what worked for me with other bloggers.

That’s how and why this ebook was born: to arm bloggers that want to boost their blog traffic with the tactics it takes to make Pinterest possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

This eBook is for bloggers, solopreneurs and content creators who are either just getting started with Pinterest, or who want access to more advanced strategies to master the platform and boost their blog traffic. 

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and non-refundable. Please get in touch via [email protected] if you have any questions about the contents of this ebook.

Yes! You can join my affiliate program right here and earn 35% of each sale you refer, for this or any other product I have for sale in my shop. Joining is completely free. 

Yes! No matter what niche you are in, if you have content to promote (such as blog posts, landing pages or even videos), the strategies in this eBook will show you how to use Pinterest to do so.

I keep up with all the Pinterest changes, and update the eBook periodically to reflect that. Once you purchase the eBook, you will automatically receive all new updates. Last update: September.

After you grab your copy of this Pinterest eBook, you will receive an automatic email with all the bonuses that come with it. (Please check your spam folder if you can’t see it.)

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