Grab a copy of the 2024 Blog Growth Planner

By Ana Skyes

Plan for profit and track your monthly revenue and traffic & your blogging goals with this physical 200+ pages blogging planner.

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What you get inside this blogging planner:

Keep all your business goals, tasks, projects and blogging numbers in one place. With this physical blog growth tracker you can keep a close eye on your key blog analytics, social media followers and reach, as well as your revenue, expenses and overall profit.

No need to print anything at home – you get a physical planner delivered by Amazon where you can jot down your ideas, weekly projects and review the end of each month to see how your blog performed. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside:

How this blog planner is different

Unlike other planners and organisers for bloggers out there, the Blog Growth Planner has a key focus on helping you track your blog’s finances, metrics and key statistics. 

Instead of trying to be productive and organized without a clear idea of what’s working for your business and what isn’t, you’re able to track monthly progress, see your year at a glance and then take inspired action to grow your blog.

I’ve created this planner and the trackers that it contains based on numbers and key performance indicators that I personally check for my blogs every single month. 

By using this 2024 blog planner you are able to set goals and track:

  • monthly income generated with your blog via different monetazation sources (affiliate marketing, selling products, ads, sponsorships), monthly blog expenses and profit
  • blog traffic, pageviews, session and traffic sources
  • social media reach via different platforms
  • annual, monthly and weekly goals 

Grab your planner today and make 2023 the best blogging year yet!

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"This planner is a must-have for bloggers. I love that it's a physical tracker so I don't have to print anything else at home. And the monthly targets and numbers I have to add help me stay on top of my blog's numbers in a way I wasn't sure how to do before."
Nina Dawson
Fashion Blogger

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Physical 2024 Blogging Planner For Blog Metrics & Progress