Do you have your mind set on starting a blog, but have no idea what steps to take first, what platform to use or what you should be focusing on in the first few months? 

Are you trying to grow your existing blog but can’t seem to figure out what do do to increase your blog traffic, grow your readership and get the news out there about your little corner of the internet?

Or do you have all that figured out but you can’t seem to make any money from your blog (or at least not as much as you would like), no matter how many hours of hard work you put into it?


The strategy behind running a successful blog can be confusing and not knowing what your next step should be when it comes to growing your blog is frustrating. Not to mention how disheartening it is when you’re doing everything you can with the time and resources you have and yet, you see no results.


Blogging can feel really lonely sometimes and very hard to figure because it involves so many moving pieces. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Why not take a shortcut to success and learn from someone who’s already been there?

Running a successful blog really boils down to taking intentional & strategic steps towards your goals. And that’s the part that I’m best at: looking at your big picture (what you really want your blog to do for you) and showing you how to get there step-by-step in our 1-to-1 strategy sessions.

By working with me you will get an encouraging accountability partner in your corner that can guide you through all those steps, offer you guidance and cheer you on as you go!

Hello there!

My name is Ana and I am a blogging growth strategist, blog owner and digital strategy consultant for women.

I’ve been helping new & veteran bloggers, coaches and online business owners grow their traffic and their income since late 2016 with my private 1-on-1 calls, social media & affiliate marketing trainings, free content and premium digital products.

After over a year of perfecting my own blogging strategy and helping bloggers in different niches apply it successfully, I am finally opening my coaching services to the public and I’m booking private strategy sessions that can help you get rid of all your blogging frustrations.

Read more about me and my work here.

My coaching services include:

If we’re going to work together, I’ll be much more than your blogging coach. I’ll be an accountability partner (so you have the motivation you need to meet your monthly goals and keep on top of your tasks), an ongoing support (so you can get feedback and a second opinion on anything you need) and an enthusiastic cheerleader (so you can get encouragement from someone who’s actually invested in your success).

Our coaching calls will be all about you! Every bit of advice that I’ll give will be tailored to your blogging niche, your audience and your personal goals. Not only will you get step-by-step guidance to conquer whatever blogging level you’re currently struggling to pass, but you’ll get to bounce YOUR ideas off me and have a mastermind partner who gets you and who gets the strategy behind building a successful blog.

Why spend hours trying to figure out a social media platform or how to change something in your WordPress dashboard where you can get live training in our calls, or quick tutorials via email. Working with me means that you’ll get unique solutions to your unique problems. And if I don’t have the solution or other resources that can help you, I’ll know exactly what or who to recommend instead. 

What I'm best at:

Starting A Blog
Blog Traffic Strategies
Monetizing Your Blog
Email Marketing

What else i can help with:

  • Starting a profitable blog
  • Creating a roadmap to success
  • Figuring out WordPress
  • Choosing a blog design
  • Coming up with content ideas
  • Attracting the right readers
  • Growing your blog traffic
  • Monetizing your blog with ads
  • Making money with Affiliate Marketing
  • Growing your Pinterest account
  • Setting up your Tailwind schedule
  • Guest posting opportunities
  • Facebook marketing & visibility
  • Increasing visibility on Twitter
  • Building an affiliate army
  • Creating passive income
  • Growing your email list
  • Creating free opt-ins
  • Writing compelling sales pages
  • Setting & meeting blogging goals
  • Exploding your online presence

How it will actually work:

To see if we’re a good fit and to allow me to learn more about you (to find out if I can really help you), I’ll need you to complete this short questionnaire. Once you do that, you’ll be added to a waiting list.

As soon as a spot opens up, I’ll reach out to schedule a free discovery call. (This will be your chance to find out if we’re a good match before you commit to a coaching package.)

After our discovery call ends, I’ll save your spot and you’ll have 24 hours to make a decision and pick a coaching package that works best for you and any other add-ons that you might be interested in. (You can see my current options below.)

Once you let me know your final answer, I’ll send over an agreement (to keep us both accountable to our time spent together) and we’ll choose a payment plan that works for you.

After that, we’ll schedule our first call and get started! It’s that simple!

My coaching packages & rates :

Three WEEKS Intensive


  • 1x30 minutes call/week
  • Unlimited email support

Three Months Standard


  • 1x50 minutes call/month
  • Unimited email support
  • $30 voucher in my digital shop
  • A surprise package in the mail (in the first month only)

Three Months Intensive


  • 2x50 minutes call/month
  • Unlimited email support
  • $60 voucher in my digital shop
  • A surprize package in the mail (each month)


If ongoing strategy sessions & long-term coaching plans are not really for you, or you want some extra help in other specific areas and only need a road-map to follow, check out my add-ons below.

You can select to add them to your coaching package when you’re submitting your questionnaire, or simply email me at to enquire about purchasing them separately. 


A stand-alone 50 minute strategy session that can be used as an extra call (and added to your ongoing coaching package) or as a one time thing.

This is ideal if you’re struggling with one specific area and need a quick 1-on-1 coaching call to get you on the right track but you’re not ready to invest in a monthly recurring coaching deal.



A written in-depth review of your blog concerning your blog design, the user experience and overall content. This will also include:

  • A personalized list of suggestions on how you can improve your blog
  • A list of resources you might find helpful


Ready to make a profit blogging with affiliate marketing but need an extra set of eyes on your content and strategy? Here’s what this audit includes:

  • A list of 10-15 affiliate programs to join in your niche
  • A list of 5-10 blog posts ideas you can write for those affiliate programs/products
  • Video analysis of 3 blog posts (of your choice) where you used affiliate links + suggestions on how to increase conversions


Is your Pinterest profile refusing to take off and you’re losing free traffic? This audit has everything you need to vamp-up your account:

  • A video review of your Pinterest account & pins
  • A list of suggestions on how you can improve
  • A list of 5-15 boards that you should have on your profile
  • A list of 5-15 group boards you can join in your niche
  • A list of resources to use to master Pinterest


If you have any questions about how this works or would like to get a personalized coaching package, send me an email over at I’d love to hear from you! 

If you’re ready to get started the only thing you need to do now is to complete this short questionnaire to join my waiting list. I cannot wait to hear from you!

Please keep in mind:

Monthly invoices need to be paid before the first call of the month happens. If you prefer to pay in full for the entire package you will get a 10% discount. (Doesn’t apply for the TWI plan that can only be paid in full.)

My rates and packages are set as a reference and can be changed at any time, without notice.

No refunds will be given for coaching packages that have already been used, but you can discontinue your coaching plan at any given time (with proper notice) and you will be refunded for the months/calls that you haven’t taken advantage of.

Client Love & Testimonials

Do you want to make sure that this is for you? Are you curious to know what past coaching clients thought of working with me and what their experience was like? Read what they had to say below:


"She's brilliant! Work with her." - Amy Young

As a first time affiliate for a friend's e-course, I had no idea what to do (or what to expect) in terms of promotion and sales. How do I promote someone else's product in an authentic way? Would my audience even be interested? How do I disclose this in a way that's honest and professional, but still inviting? Enter Ana - growth and sales strategist extraordinaire! She was able to give me specific, tested tips and simple strategies for maximizing sales and delivering massive value in the process. She laid out clear systems for me to put in place through the promotion period, and saved me a ton of time having to research what's A-okay and not-so-okay in the world of affiliate marketing. Because of our work together my first experience being an affiliate was easy, fun, and yes--profitable! She's brilliant; WORK WITH HER.


"That's exactly the kind of person you need!" - Sylvia

"I was so overwhelmed with blogging and was very fortunate to come across the opportunity to book a session with Ana. I had no idea what to expect going into it (and truth be told, a bit nervous because Ana was more established), but all my worries melted away once I started the Skype session. She is so down-to-earth and someone who genuinely cares about you as a person. She's mature beyond her years and doesn't hold back on what has and hasn't worked for her. She's optimistic, but doesn't sugarcoat things. That's exactly the kind of person you need: one who is encouraging yet honest. You can definitely tell that she truly wants you to succeed and will come out of the session having made a new friend."

Blog Mentor

"She's a hands on coach that knows what she's doing" - Paige

From the moment we first connected I knew Ana would be a great help in growing my blog and online presence & I had no hesitations about working with her. Since we've started our strategy sessions, I have become more consistent in blogging, with my social media strategy, and emailing my list with intention. I also love how flexible Ana has been in each of our coaching sessions, willing to talk about whatever I need help with most. She is wise, kind, and patient + a great teacher. Ana is a hands on coach that knows what she's doing! In between our sessions, she is always on top of her own research, prepared to show up to every session with new ideas to share - this is one of my favorite parts of working with her. If you're looking for help in growing your blog, learning WHAT you should be focusing on, and building a better online strategy, I definitely recommend hiring Ana to guide and support you as your coach! - Paige Schmidt, Certified Health Coach & Intuitive Eating Counselor