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Why Should You Connect Google Analytics to Your WordPress Website?

Google Analytics Set-Up Tutorial For WordPress Bloggers Business websites built on WordPress can use various themes, plugins, and the power of Google Analytics to improve traffic. Using analytical tools like Google Analytics can help you acquire and retain an audience by using the range of functions and customisation it offers.  Since it is a free-to-use

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Why Bloggers Need to Start Using Instagram Reels to Promote Their Blog

Instagram Reels Tips For Blog Traffic Any time Instagram announces a new update or feature, they are usually met with skepticism from users because a new feature implies revamping their content planning and engagement strategy. Something similar happened when Instagram announced reels, a short-form video feature modeled after TikTok’s mega success. But with Instagram announcing

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​​3 Ways How to Grow Your Blog With Clubhouse

How To Use The Clubhouse App As A Blogger Clubhouse is one of the newest social network apps and people are raving about it. It takes an old concept, social media and combines it with a newer concept, networking over audio. The idea is for you to talk aloud in a public forum about topics

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Best SEO Practices For Bloggers In 2024

Smart SEO Tips & Tricks For Bloggers To Get More Organic Traffic With so many changes going around it can be difficult to find out what is working. What are the best practices in SEO that you should follow?  If getting organic traffic from Google and search engines is your number one concern right now

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