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Little Steps

Great ideas and will be useful especially for new bloggers. As for me, I haven’t really spent anything yet for my blog, apart from paying for my self-hosted site. That’s about it 🙂

Ana - The She Approach

I was a bit unsure about spending money myself, but the look of your website can be a deal breaker sometimes.
And a great logo can make a great impression even if you don’t have a super fancy theme.

Thanks for stopping by!

Natalia Molinero Mingorance

these are great tips! I found very beautiful logos in fivver too, there is pretty much everything we need for $5 x

Ana - The She Approach

I know right!
It can be a real time saver sometimes.
Like 5 dollars is a small price to pay for an hour or two of freedom.

Stella Kashmoney

Fab ideas here. I agree with all you have said. Branding is everything.

Ana - The She Approach

Hi Stella,

Thanks a lot! Some people go the extra mile and brand all their photos the same way. It makes them super recognisable if they have a visual theme.
I just cannot be that organised.

Laura Dove

What great tips! I had never heard of Fivver, I will take a look. I was very lucky that my husband designed my logo and it sums my blog up perfectly!

Ana - The She Approach

Hi Laura,

That’s a great idea! These days, chances are that you know someone who is good at designing so asking friends for help can save you some trouble.

But fiverr is great for all sorts of things that can really help you with branding or growing your blog You should definitely check it out!

Alina Ghost

Good ideas, I never thought of hiring either so that’s interesting. Branding can definitely make or break a blog.

Ana - The She Approach

Hi Alina,

I have no designing skills myself, but there are people who design their own logos and such.
I had to resort to hiring someone, but it was so worth it!

Bhawna Varshney

Great post and well said a brand can only give a professional existence

Ana - The She Approach

I agree! It makes a real difference online.
Glad you found this post helpful!


ok. interesting. I will come back to this post…