The Idea In You – Book Review

I am not a book blogger nor claim to be the most bright storyteller when it comes to explaining what a book is about. But there are some books that I come across (in this case “The Idea In You” by Martin Amor & Alex Pellew) that I cannot help but share with the world.

On the very cover, the book claims that it can change your life. From the countless books that I’ve read with similar promises plastered on them, I’ve learned one thing: It’s not the information in the book that has the power to change your life. It’s what you do with it after you finish reading.

And this book has the power of unleashing your creative side, follow through with your ideas, making them happen and building a life around those brilliant nuggets that are already within you. (Or as the back cover says: “Take your passion and make it happen”.)

Because my blog is all about empowering women to build that dream life, I know this can be a valuable resource for so many creative bloggers, entrepreneurs, and future-focused thinkers.

Without further ado, here is my book review on “The Idea In You” by Martin Amor & Alex Pellew.

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How I Got The Book

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen me posting about the ebook a couple of months ago when I started reading it. (I have this fear of finishing good books too quickly which is why I like to take my time with certain books, especially the ones where you have to act on what you read).

Getting my hands on the book was just a coincidence. My incredibly supportive boyfriend gave this to me as a very inspired gift, as he knew about my blog (and business plans) and thought the title was inspiring.

The book is available on both Kindle (£6.49) and Paperback (£6.99) on Amazon which I think it’s a ridiculously low price for such an amazing and value-packed book. I highly recommend that you grab a copy!

Who Is This Book For

After reading it, going through my notes and experimenting with some of the ideas in it, I really believe that anyone can benefit from reading this. But if you fall into one of the categories below, you most definitely need to add this to your reading list!

  • New, actual and future bloggers. Whether you are thinking of starting a blog, have one already or have been blogging for ages, this book has a way of taking your original ideas and teaching you how to create an online community around your creative outlet (which is your blog).
  • Online entrepreneurs, coaches, creative business owners and more. If you fall into any of those categories, this ebook can have such an impact on your business model, message, branding and overall success in the online space and not only!
  • Teenagers, young women and dreamers. If you fall into this category you must grab a copy of this, read it at least once a year and let your creativity run loose.
  • Anyone with a brilliant idea. Maybe you don’t fall into any of those categories and you actually enjoy your 9-5 job. But you are looking for a way to bring some fullness into your life, express your creativity and start something on the side just for the fun of it. If that’s you, this book can teach you how to shape your brilliant ideas into fulfilling life experiences.

What Did I Think About It

From the first page and all the way through the end, I read this with an open mind, a true optimism for my future ideas and an overall feeling that everything is possible. Don’t you just love when books make you feel this way?

Not only is the book structured in such a logical and easy to understand way that can take your idea (or teach you how to come up with one if that’s an area you are struggling with) and make it happen, but it also lines up, chapter by chapter, a bulletproof strategy that anyone can use to bring their dreams to life in a realistic and authentic way.

The entire book is built around this concept of “doing it now” instead of piling on certain tasks to a never ending to-do list and every chapter ends in a few very actionable tasks that you can “Do Now”.

So not only does this book teach you how to build on your idea and polish it before you start acting on it, but it challenges you to take real action and make things happen! 

From examples of great projects that started from little ideas to empowering thoughts and a list of resources that you can use on your journey, this book is arming you with everything you need to let your creative side run loose and make your ideas and plans happen on your own terms (and without getting overwhelmed).

You cannot possibly read this book without waking up a spark within you. That spark that keeps on flickering with hope, endless possibilities and a passion that is bound to catch fire!

Golden Nuggets

I love coming across new ideas and concepts in books and experimenting with them myself. There are a few “gold nuggets” in this book that I had to share with you because they had such an impact on the way I think and act.

  • The “Do It Now” concept: Whenever you are thinking about something you want to do, DO IT NOW! Stop weighing up your options and take immediate and deliberate action. That’s how miracles happen in terms of ideas.
  • Authentic positive thinking. Your mind and your thoughts do have an impact on your ideas and their chances of becoming reality. When your thinking it’s positive, you can imagine a future you are actually excited about and can easily overcome challenges. Basically “whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right“.
  • Becoming a maker. If you want to be prepared for the big ideas, you have to get into a habit of making stuff until something interesting appears. So get started. Be hands on. Work on projects even if you don’t know where they are going to lead. Let the maker in you become a second nature.
  • Turning your thoughts into ideas. This only happens when you actually start defining how your thoughts can become reality and when you start thinking of ideas as something you can do. There is a lot in the book about this topic and it even includes a blueprint to making your thought come to life.
  • Shaping your idea with feedback. To make anything happen you need to get started. The book has a few very well written chapters that talk about launching an idea, testing it to a smaller audience and teaching you how to take that feedback and build on your idea some more to bring clarity to it and polish it before the big launch.
  • How to be resourceful. From teaching you how to get started with a big idea when you have little to no funds, to making the most of what’s available to you and making it as far as possible, this book is a goldmine for accomplishing big things with a small start. There are some amazing stories in the book that portray examples that will inspire you!
  • Creating social energy and building a fan base. If you want your ideas to succeed you need people to love them, share them and become true fans(there is a lot about the motivation behind your ideas and how you need to have a strong why because money, success, and prestige aren’t going to get you very far).
  • Why learning hurts. This was one of my favorite chapters by far. On the journey of making your idea happen, you will have to become skilled in a lot of areas that you might not be familiar or comfortable with. This book shows you how you can grow alongside your idea and become multi-skilled in things you never thought you could master.

These are only a few of the concepts that every creator needs to know and understand. More about shaping your ideas, finding your unique voice, building a brand around it, being persistent when things don’t work out your way, learning resilience, finding a partner for your idea, the economy of favors, learning new skills and so much more are included in the 250 pages of this book.

If you read all the way here, you already have the passion and patience to make things happen. Become those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do!

Grab your copy of “The Idea In You” here!

Did you read this book already? Would love to know what your opinion is on it and how it helped you make your own ideas happen.


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mapolo cheoane

It seems like a great book, iv developed a like for reading lately and I will check it out I’m sure ill learn a lot from it. Thanks for sharing 🙂


Oh this sounds so good! I’m going to have a read 🙂 x

Renita Quirls

So it sounds like I need this book in my life. Tha is for sharing. I will definitely grab a copy in the near future

Courtney Hardy

This book sounds really good. I’ll have to pick it up.

Helene Vlacho

It sound so promising and i like books like this. I love reading motivating books but if i don’t start taking actions nothing happens in the end. I would love to read this one too and your presentation is very helpful.