Best Gift Ideas For Bloggers And Entrepreneurs 2023

As the holiday season is quickly approaching, this post has been on my mind for a while. Since I started my blog I received a few questions from my friends and family about what practical gift ideas for bloggers they can get me this Christmas (or my birthday that’s also in December).

To be honest with you, they were clueless about what kind of resources it takes to run a blog so I wanted to write a practical gift guide, not only for them but for those of you who want to support a family member or friend in their creative ventures to run a blog.

Before I get started and list some of my absolute favourite practical and novelty gifts for bloggers, I just want to mention that this post contains affiliate links. In the event of a sale through such links (at no extra cost for you), I will receive a small commission that helps me keep this blog and up and running.

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The Ultimate Blogger Gift Guide For Her

So here are 21+ practical gift ideas that every blogger would love for Christmas 2023:


Here’s the deal with having a blog these days: no matter how great your writing is, how amazing your ideas are or how many readers you have, it’s hard to keep up with all the other blogs out there if you don’t have stunning photos.

When starting out, a point and shoot camera might do the trick (I’ve been there). But if you want to take your blog to the next level, a DSLR camera can make a world of a difference.

So if you know a blogger that’s just starting out or wants to go full time, the best possible gift you can get them is a digital camera.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: Amazon has amazing deals on DSLR cameras and other photography equipment. It’s a great place to turn to for a quick delivery and a decent digital camera that would make any blogger’s day!


BEST CAMERA FOR VIDEO: Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Vlogging Camera

If whoever you’re buying this for wants to start a Youtube channel or wants to start creating video content, I highly suggest the last camera linked above. It still takes amazing photos, but I use it personally for my Youtube video content and love it!


Amazing photos are not only required on your blog if you want to “make it”, but social media plays a huge role in spreading the news about your little corner of the internet.

And as Instagram is the fastest growing platform of this year, you might want to get a piece of that. Because we don’t all have the perfect Instagramable lives, photo props can make a huge difference!

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: Amazon has a great selection of marble backgrounds and photography equipment. You can also get creative with items you have around the house, buy cute notebooks from Blogging Mode or check your local gift shops for unique items.

Tshirt for bloggers. Funny blogging tee and a perfect gift idea for a fashion blogger.


T-shirts are an ideal gift because they are not only practical, but they can look great in photos + they can be a conversation starter at networking events.

And what can be cuter than T-shirts with blogging memes, online marketing humor and inspiring messages?

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT:  If you’re looking to hit 3 birds with one stone, check out the Blogging Mode T-shirt collection and get yourself a personalized T-shirt today! (They also have hoodies, tank tops and more!)

Best Hosting For Bloggers!
Bluehost - WordPress Website Builder & Web Hosting Services
$2.95 / month

Special offer for new blogs! Get started today and go self-hosted with Bluehost for under $3 a month.


If you have a friend or family member who was started blogging on a free platform and you want to encourage them and support their dream, there is no better gift then offering them the option to go self-hosted! Read my post on 7 Reasons To Go Self-Hosted With Your Blog to find out why this is important.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: I recommend either Bluehost (the company that I am with and that I love!) or Siteground. Both are amazing companies that work very closely with bloggers to help them build professional websites.

Get blog hosting for as little as $2.95 a month with this special offer!


Bloggers tend to spend a lot of time in chairs, at desks and in front of computers. And I can’t think of a better gift but one that would make our lives easier when we have to spend hours in the same place.

So while they are not traditional items, a good office chair, a seat cushion, an ergonomic footrest or a mouse pad with wrist support can make a huge difference in the day to day activities of a blogger.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: Amazon is the perfect place to get all kinds of desk equipment and accessories online (as linked above). If you want something with a more personal touch, Etsy has a lot of personalized mouse pads and office gifts to choose from. 


If you always find yourself doing little blogging tasks with a cup of coffee (or tea) in hand, then you are going to love these blogging related mugs from Blogging Mode!

With an entire collection of quirky (yet practical) mugs that range from blogging humor, to daily inspiration for bloggers or entrepreneurs, these mugs make the perfect personalized gift for any online friend!

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: You can shop for these mugs (and many more personalized items for bloggers) over at Blogging Mode and USE THIS LINK to get $5 off your first order (when you order of minimum $25).

My Favourite Blog Theme!
WordPress Theme for female bloggers - Paisley Theme | Bluchic

Stunning blog themes for your WordPress site. Fully customizable & easy to set up!


A necessity that all new bloggers have and that could radically transform the appearance of their website (even if they have 0 coding or tech skills so far) is a stunning blog theme.

A great website theme can really showcase your content in the best light and differentiate you from other bloggers and I know that a blog theme was one of the first major investments I took on for my blog.

RELATED READ: 15 Stunning WordPress Themes For Female Bloggers.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: Bluchic and Sugar + Code Themes are my favorite blog theme shops and they have a lovely selection of templates that range from $40 to $150 and would be a gift that will be extremely valued by new bloggers.


What is a blogger without the adequate stationary, I ask? Because bloggers don’t only like to write using a keyboard. They love to scribble down notes, write to-do lists and be surrounded by cute notebooks!

From organizing our little home offices and using desk accessories daily, we have become addicts to adorable stationary and we never say no to more of it.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: For unique, vibrant and absolutely adorable stationary of all types, I recommend Blogging Mode or Paperchase. (They have a large collection of notebooks, writing sets, pens and other practical desk accessories.)


Starting an email list can and knowing how to manage it can be a huge investment, especially for new bloggers, but it pays off big time! You can read my post to find out why bloggers need an email list here!

So if you know a blogger that is ready to really dive in the world of online marketing, providing them with the tools to start and grow their email list is going to be invaluable!

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WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: I highly recommend Mailerlite as an email provider and Effective E-mail and Newsletter Marketing as an introductory online course to everything you need to know about email marketing.


If the blogger you know is into planning and loves writing excruciatingly long to-do lists or be very meticulous when planning a project, a blogging planner is the best thing you could possibly get them.

Nowadays there is a multitude of choices for personalized blog planners that can help with anything from blogging tasks to organizing the month ahead and planning your content. You just have to know where to look.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: I am in love with the Emily Ley Paper Planners and the pretty much all these organisers for womenalthough you can find lovely printable planners on Etsy and more organizers on Paperchase as well.

11. Practical Home Office Gifts 

Bloggers and business owners tend to spend a lot of time at their desks or home offices, so what better gift is there than an item that can improve their working experience?

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: From useful office supplies that make great practical gifts to laptop accessories (such as laptop stands and blue light protective computer glasses), and even foam rollers use to stretch out after long periods of standing at a desk, can all be found on Amazon.

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Must have course for bloggers!
Affiliate Boost Bundle » 2 Must-Have Affiliate Marketing Courses For Bloggers

New to affiliate marketing? Find out how to make more sales on your blog with this in-depth training course pack!


Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize a blog today, but bloggers often feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. The best gift you could give a blogger that is trying to make an income from their hobby is some affiliate marketing training.

If you’re just getting started and want to use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog, my Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle is created to help you make your first $1,000 in affiliate sales! And it’s a guide geared towards bloggers.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: You can find this course and other blogging eBooks and educational resources in The She Approach shop and select to offer them as a gift to someone. You pay, they enroll for free!

For more blogging courses you can offer as a gift, be sure to check out the 20 online courses every blogger should take.


I cannot think of better gifts for bloggers than a few stylish prints with inspirational, motivational or amusing quotes. And as a bonus, these make for great office decor items and photography props!

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: You can find really unique prints and designs over on Etsy. I also love being able to help small businesses and other bloggers who opened up their own shops by purchasing from this platform!


Books are traditional and always well-received gifts, so why not go back to the classics? Help your blogger friends turn into lady bosses and offer them an inspiring and practical business book that can help them learn the tricks of the trade.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM: I’ve listed a few of my favorites above but you can always check out my blog post on Best Amazon Business Books For Bloggers & Entrepreneurs to find more gift ideas for business owners.


If you’re looking for a quick personalised gift topper or some cheap gift ideas for your friends and family, you’re going to love these.

The fridge magnets and laptop stickers from Blogging Mode are all under $10, and the inspirational quotes or funny sayings are personalized for bloggers and women in business.


If you’re a blogger, you know that it takes more than just a pretty theme to run a website. That’s why I encourage you to give someone the gift of a useful plugin!

Here are a few practical plugins every blogger should invest in:

  • Social Warfare – a social sharing buttons plugin
  • Elementor PRO – a page builder plugin that is great for building custom pages
  • Updraft Plus – a back-up plugin that helps bloggers keep their content safe
  • Short Pixel – an image optimization plugin that helps with increasing website speed


As working from home becomes more popular, the demand for a home office increases. Any tech gadgets such as charging stations or comfort items such as air purifiers become life-savers.

These might not be items that people think to buy for themselves, but they are surely appreciated as gifts.


If that special someone is a coffee drinker and lover, they are surely going to appreciate these wonderful inventions – wheater they work on their blogging business from home, or from an office.

You can never go wrong with a coffee maker machine or – the best invention ever: a coffee cup warmer.


Looking for gift ideas for your blogger friends? Here's an exclusive gift guide of resources, services and goods for bloggers. #giftguide #blogging

What do you think of these practical gift ideas for bloggers? Do you know someone who could benefit from them?

If you’re a blogger yourself and you’re reading this, I challenge you to treat yourself to at least one of these awesome gifts this Christmas! You deserve it!

Article Last Updated: June 2023

21+ Practical Gift Ideas For Bloggers & Business Owners

21+ Practical Gift Ideas For Bloggers21+ Practical Gift Ideas For Bloggers21+ Practical Gift Ideas For Bloggers21+ Practical Gift Ideas For Bloggers

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Courtney Hardy

These are really good gift ideas. A blog theme is a must!

Bethany Jane

These are all great ideas, and I know that I would’ve appreciated a lot of them as gifts as a new blogger. As it is I’ve invested in most of them myself – but I’m always happy for people to buy me cute stationery haha!
Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

Ana - The She Approach

Thank you, Beth!
I definetly buy way more planners and cute notebooks that I’ll ever need but I would’ve loved if somebody got me some of these when I started out!

Jasmine Watson

Such a good idea for a post, I’ve asked my family for cute little props and some lighting equipment to help up my photography game! thanks for the ideas <3

Stay amazing, Kisses and Love
Jazziepickles xoxo

Ana - The She Approach

My pleasure!! And that is a great gift request. I don’t take too many of my photos but good photography can definitely have an amazing impact for a blog!

Thanks you for stopping by lovely!


I love all the gifts in this post. But I especially like the Desk equipment and the new theme as gift ideas. I have just upgraded from an ordinary kitchen table to a proper desk but still have a lot of clutter on my desk. I am desperate to change my theme to the Astra theme. My current theme is OK but I want to move over to Gutenberg (Yes I still use the Classic ) and I have heard such good things about the Astra theme. I think I need to put all these items on my wish list for my birthday in December.


Blogging Mode looks like such a fun site. And how did you read my mind and know I was just looking for computer decals today. Great gift ideas. Now I’ll be adding things to my Amazon cart lol


Awesome this are all very nice gift ideas!!

Alina Moshniahul

What all amazing gift ideas, especially the bogging planner it will certainly be really help to gift something useful instead to gifting the usual gift items.