What To Know Before You Accept Sponsored Articles On Your Blog

If you are a blog owner, you may have come across the term ‘sponsored posts.’ This is where you post content on your blog or page on behalf of a particular company or brand that wants to get their product, service, or content to certain readers.

It is a great way to earn money while doing what you love. But before you start accepting sponsored posts, here are a few things you need to factor in.

Check Whether the Posts Are the Right Fit

The first thing you should check is whether these posts you want to sponsor are the right fit. Think about what you write and your target audience. Does the post fit your voice and style?

Most of the time, companies that will contact you about sponsored costs are likely in the same industry as you. So if you blog about food, then a hotel or a food products company can approach you. Ideally, you should sponsor posts that will not only allow you to make money but will also help your readers.

Be Transparent

It is important that you are honest with your audience. Do not mislead them in any way by withholding the fact that you are advertising something.

Your readers may feel deceived if they find out that you have not been honest. This can easily ruin your brand, which will affect future campaigns. When you have taken the right steps to brand yourself, you would not want t do anything that would compromise that. 

Factor in Your Audience

Sponsored posts not only allow you to earn money but also indicate that your blog is growing. But as much as you stand to benefit from this, what is in it for your audience?

Sponsored posts are usually accompanied by great opportunities, such as an all-expenses-paid trip to a beautiful destination. But keep in mind that it is that large audience you have that has motivated companies to reach out to you.

When accepting a sponsored post, factor in how it would help your audience and ensure that you clearly state it in your posts.

Don’t Forget What Is Expected of You

Before accepting a sponsored post, understand what is expected of you. This will ensure that there is no conflict between you and the client. For instance, if you are considering an opportunity like sponsored posts jobs with ValuedVoice, ask all the right kinds of questions.

How many posts are you expected to make, and for how long? How long should the posts be? Will you be required to use images?

Will the client be providing the images, or will you have to take them yourself? Know all the specifics earlier to ensure that the partnership you are forming will benefit you and the client.

Ensure it Is Something You Are Excited About

Even if the brand is the right fit for your blog, it may not be something you are excited about. And if you are not, then it will be hard for you to write authentic posts about that brand. It is easy for an audience to tell whether you are excited about something or simply doing it.

The brand you are sponsoring will also know. So when accepting or denying these opportunities, keep this in mind. Successful blogging is all about being as authentic as possible.

Is it Worth Your Time?

Sponsored posts are equally paid. However, is the amount you are getting paid worth it? How much time will it take you to write a post or shoot a video and edit it?

You might also need to take photos or leave your home when creating content. When you think of all the effort you will put in and the outcome, is the payment worth what you are doing? Note that a company will pay you based on your following or audience.

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As much as you might not accept jobs that are not paying well, you have reasonable rates too.

Ensure the Brand Is Reliable

When you are approached by brands directly and not through a platform for content creators, it is your duty to research. Ensure that the brands are reliable in whatever they are selling and paying content creators. This will keep you and your audience happy at the end of the day.

When you are accepting a sponsored post, factor in the points mentioned above. This way, you will deliver a good job as you have been paid to, maintain your brand’s voice, and avoid losing your followers.

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