Blogging is a complicated affair. Between the technical skills you need to have to run your blog and the writing skills to create new content, there is little room left to master the art of marketing and to know how and where to promote your newest blog posts.

That is why I put together a list of +65 ways to promote your blog posts so you can draw inspiration, test out new blog promotion strategies and boost your blog traffic.

 You can enter your email below to receive the full list, but here are some of my favorite creative ways to promote your blog in detail:

Round Up Posts

Round up posts are articles where you create a list of blog posts on a certain subject by linking back to the bloggers that originally wrote them. An example would be this post on Recommended Valentine’s Day Activities¬†where I link to Valentine’s Day articles written by other bloggers.

Another version of this is the expert round-up where you interview experts in a certain field about a topic like I did for my Best Blog Traffic Tips From Pro Bloggers.

This is not only a great way to build connections with your network, but it can be an amazing opportunity to give your traffic a little boost.

After the post is live, make sure you email the bloggers or experts that you mentioned to let them know the post is up and make it extra easy for them to share the article (which most people gladly do because they appreciate the mention).

Tailwind Tribes

Pinterest is a great traffic source and everyone is trying it out these days by creating vertical graphics for their blog posts and pinning them. (Read my post on 8 Ways To Improve Your Pinterest Game if you’re still looking for suggestions on how to make Pinterest possible for you)

The secret to getting your pins go viral (and your blog posts as a result) is getting the traction they need before they start spreading from board to board.

An easy and free way to do that is to add them to group boards (you can apply to join my group boards here) but most importantly, add them to Tailwind Tribes.

While Tailwind is a paid service, the tribes are a free feature that you can use even if you don’t have a paid subscription to them. They serve as reciprocating group boards where you have to share the same amount +1 of pins that you add to a tribe.

After you pinned a graphic to one of your boards, add it to your tribes, ensuring that it gets repinned and it takes off. If you’re interested to know more about how Tailwind made a huge impact on my blog traffic, read my post on How I Use Tailwind To Leverage The Power Of Pinterest.

Optimize For SEO

With over 40,000 search queries being typed in on Google every second, ignoring your SEO duties and not giving your blog posts a chance to be found online can be a big mistake.

Read my post on 7 Key Elements Of A SEO Friendly Blog Post to know what you have to do to optimize your blog posts for search engines and get free, organic traffic sent your way.

Participate In Facebook Share Threads

Facebook blogging groups are a great resource that you need to take advantage of if you want to expand your online circle and drive traffic to your blog posts. Enter your email below to get access to 65 of my favorite FB groups.

A smart way to drive traffic to your blog is to participate in share threads where you leave a link to a post you want shared and you share a couple of blog posts in exchange. Unlike promo threads where everybody drops their link and move on, this thread will not only get people to come to your blog, but it will get them to share your post with their audience.

If you want to find out about more ways to drive traffic to your blog using Facebook, read my post on How I Get 70% Of My Traffic From Facebook.

Send Out An Email Blast

There are a million reasons why bloggers need an email list and getting your subscribers over to check your new blog and promote your blog posts is one of them.

A great way to bring targeted readers to your blog is to send out an email blast to your list, sharing a snippet of the post or the story of why you wrote it. To avoid spamming your subscribers, don’t do this for every single post, but pick a couple ever month and announce them to your loyal readers.

You can also set up an RSS campaign to go out once a month with a list of all your new blog posts so that your list can be kept in the loop and have a few options of articles to read.

If you’re still looking for an email service provider, I recommend getting started for free with Mailerlite. You can read Why I Switched From Mailchimp To Mailerlite¬†here to find out more about why I love them.

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60+ More Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

Getting more people to read your posts is a combination of knowing where to promote it and how to reach the right people. While this might be different for everyone, I encourage you to grab the list below and experiment with what works best for you.

Test a few new strategies every month, and keep an eye of your stats (I recommend using Google Analytics for the best results. If you are unfamiliar with how it works, check out my Guide To Google Analytics For Bloggers).

Learn How To Boost Your Blog Traffic Today

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What are some creative ways you promote your blog posts? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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